Would you love to have a new very special someone in your life?

Are you afraid to repeat the same mistakes you made in the past? Or are you concerned not to waste your precious time and energy on someone who does not turn out to be the right one for you?

You are not alone!

During my quest for lasting love, I felt frustrated so many times. I had several relationships lasting somewhere between three months and three years. Various types of relationships. At some point, I had had so many dates with different people - maybe 100 - but I still had not met my soulmate! Maybe he was not out there? Maybe all great relationship material was already taken? Maybe Cupid had dealt me bad cards and I had to live with it? Or wait for love to come to me?

Sometimes, I thought I would never find The One.

Eventually I realized that there is really only one thing about my love life that I could change and that was... me! Which is what I did. I used to think that only careers are really important in life but I accepted that ultimate happiness lies within the relationships you have to share all those things that have some importance, like professional success. Next, I developed my own method to find a dream relationship. Within eleven months I found that very special someone. Today, we are very happily married with two children. 

Parental project or not, I believe that if I could find The One, you can too!

My 1 ON 1 VIP Coaching Program will help you with that. 

what is the value of 1 on 1 vip?

The 1 ON 1 VIP Program is a journey of personal growth. Why? My life and professional experience taught me that personal transformation is a great way to find love. If the way you approach love is perfect the way you do it now, then obviously your soulmate would be in your life. But that is not the case, if you are reading this. So why is that? Do you believe it is them? Or just coincidence? Situational circumstances? Or do you believe that you can change your thoughts, your actions, and get to know yourself even better to find lasting love?

If this idea resonates with you, team up with me to help you.

Grow personally and find love. Lasting love.   

There are 7 results you can expect to achieve when you pursue the program: (1) boost of your confidence in dating and relationships, (2) self knowledge to identify your relational needs, (3) power mindset to help you attract the right kind of singles, (4) relationship vision to help you decide quickly to invest time in someone or not, (5) action roadmap to find and meet date potentials, (6) mindmap to help you get rid of relationship patterns that keep you from finding real happiness in love and (7) your 'Love Vision Plan'. But when you hire me as your coach, you will discover that the VIP Program is much more. I will be...

A sparring partner and an inspirator in your love life.

Your devil's advocate to kick your butt if you want to give up or if you should give up something, like destructive habits. Your love life's unconditional fan. Your counselor with clear-cut advice, sharp questions and effective tools.

VIP coaching is a process of personal transformation.

I can promise you will never be the same person again in love.

You will be a better version of yourself.

This is how you can find lasting love.

Going for gold at Cupid's Olympics?

Drop by me.

Fill out the form below to schedule a strategic consultation with me. This 90'-session has a €297 value but I (temporarily) offer it for free.

A strategic consultation (click here for more info) allows us to find out what your specific needs are and if VIP coaching can work for you or not.