You are not just anyone.

You worked hard for everything you have achieved. 

You set high expectations. For yourself. For others. 

Just Do It is your mantra. You walk the talk.

You are only human too.

You have blind spots, doubts, concerns about love.


I am Karianne Dewitte, inspirator of SINGLES ACADEMY. 

Experienced coach with specialty in higher educated singles above 30 years of age who look for lasting love.

Gift for personal transformation.

Empathy combined with razor sharp analysis.

Passionated by dating, relationships and love.

I love inspiring and helping people...

All my treasures of knowledge, life experience, insights and metasights are at your disposition. 

I am Cupid's best friend.

My struggles from the past are my wisdom now. For you.

17-year dating and relationship experience.

 I pursued two master degrees (criminology and management, both cum laude), university certificates (philosophy, sociology) and other trainings (neuropsychology, relationship communication and coaching). In my early professional life, I was a strategic analyst and a change management leader. My academic and professional background provides me with a strong foundation to help you transform as person, so that you can find lasting love.

Grow Personally. Find Love. This is my motto.

Finally, I have hundreds of hours counseling experience.

I guide people from pain to power.

This I am too.

Mother to two wonderful children.

Wife to Superman of the meteorology field.

In love with green leafs on trees.

Doctor in cleanology.

Former ice skater, karate kid, water lover.

Addicted to speaking, writing, creating.

Speaking my mind.

Always seduced by my Nikon.

Organic food and wild-caught fish aficianado.


Not necessarily following the above order.


Do you trust just anyone?

What do clients say?

Pascale* (47):

"Karianne, I really liked your guidance in general and in hindsight - the tool of 16 types that you use (I 

already recommended it to several people)working in a series of well-structered workshops, and your efficiency and solution-focused orientation. I was looking for someone who speaks her mind and not just some careful 'listening therapist' no matter what the cost. I was looking for someone who could boost me to stop allowing narcissistic people in my life - and that is exactly what you did. In a powerful way. Thank you for that and for everything - I came to you to help me cross the finish line. You helped me dare to do that."

*fictitious name