What do clients say?

Yasmine* (51):

"My dream has not yet fully come through, but I am almost there. Today, I am a couple with a kind and charming man. The relationship is quite new but it feels really good. Karianne's VIP coaching program helped me 

especially to feel  calmer through moments of singlehood. My self confidence got a great boost and that was really important for finding love. There are many things I learned from the program that I still remember. That helps too!"

*fictitious name


Are you done with singlehood and do you want to move your love life forward? Contact me today to schedule a free strategic consultation! 

This introductory session has a €297 value but I am temporarily offering it for free.

A strategic consultation delivers you 4 results:

  1. You have a clear picture of your soulmate.
  2. You know what kind of obstacles keep you from finding lasting love and ultimate happiness.
  3. You discover which five steps are needed to get you from your current situation to love.
  4. You learn the first step you can take now.

Throughout the first part of the consultation, I ask some questions. Based on your answers, I can assess whether or not I can serve you. If I think we are not a match, I will let you know. If I think we can be a great team, I will offer you a custom-made solution in the second part of the consultation.

My coaching space is located in Beersel (1650) but you do not need to get there to meet. Contact me to discuss further options. You can call me, write me or fill out the form below:

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