Do you want to find the one?

If you still have not found your dream relationship,

then there are probably a few good reasons for it.

To begin with, how seriously do you take your quest for love?

To me, this means you are willing to invest time, energy and money. Is your time very precious? Are you a successful professional with a busy life? I hear you.

Unstructured psychological consultations rarely get you where you need to be when searching for love. In addition, sometimes you want instant advice beyond the consultation room.

Which is why I developed the 1 ON 1 VIP COACHING PROGRAM.

This unique 6-month program delivers seven great results.

Your dream relationship is not guaranteed of course.

Because I only make promises I can keep.

I promise you personal growth, so that you can find love. 

Empathy. Knowledge. Skills. Tools. Advice. Encouragement.

Discover. Dare. Do. 3D Dating. 

Are you ready?

Click the magical ball! 

Is it too big a step for you to follow the program? 

Do you feel that is not what you need right now? Too busy? 

Do you just want to boost your mindset and get a crystal clear picture about your love dream in one evening?

These are questions you may have: 'What kind of relationship do I need? What qualities should my ideal lover have? What not? 

How do I apply those qualities throughout my search process?'

If you need answers to such questions,  

D-FINE BOOTCAMP is a must-follow training!

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Do you already know what kind of partner you want?

Do you have plenty candidates for love? But...  

Are you confused about their true motives? Looks, lust or love? Just your wallet? Do you want to recognize people with genuine relationship potential from those you should run away from?

Meet DATEDIAGRAM! An anonymous group webinar specially for you!

Do you dare to enter the world of DATEDIAGRAM?

Click the ball! 

Do you first want to get familiar with my approach at no cost? If you are ambitious and smart, then you do not want to invest your time and energy in things that will not succeed.

You love success. Yet relationships are not business as usual. 

To be successful in love, you first need to clarify your goal and overcome the obstacles that keep you from achieving your goal. This is a personal growth process. The free eBook Find Your Dream Relationship in Three Steps will help you with that.


What do clients say?

Emma* (39):

"If my friends would have known that I was going to take the 1 on 1 VIP program, then they probably would have declared me crazy. I may never have started. They do not have experience with such programs themselves. Now, I am halfway through my program and I have grown so much already! In the past, men would run over me. I would date the wrong guys. Now, self respect is more important to me than a date. I rather have a drink by myself and keep my dignity than meet people based on a sense of desperation that could turn into lasting bitterness afterwards. This week, I created a profile on a dating site. To me, it is a matter of making myself visible to the community of singles. Instantly, I received many messages..."

*fictitious name