Attracting the wrong people?

Not finding Mr./Ms. Perfect?

(Almost) never getting second dates?

People lusting after your money or looks?

Fear of making bad choices?

Lack of confidence or negative thoughts?

​Bad dating and relationship experiences?

Confusion about the other sex?

Insecurity about how someone feels about you?

Not wasting your precious time and energy?


Are you strugglingwith...

What would it be like if...

...You knew where to find your dream man or woman?
...You applied strategies to meet, date and choose the right one?

...You had a crystal clear image of your soulmate?
...You could enjoy your dates regardless of the outcome?
...Your character rather than your success attracted people?
...You could share your dreams with someone who is not just your lover, but also your friend, biggest fan, muse, rock?
...Someone really, really special would make your life complete while you could complete her or him too?

...You would find the keys to personal happiness inside of you?

Who leads

Singles Academy?

I am Karianne Dewitte. WYSIWYG.

Coach. Dating and relationship architect. Counselor. Cupid's top strategist. Mrs. No-Nonsense. Sea of intuition. Once the Icarus of love but now very happily married. Privacy aficionado. A little bit wayward.

No, actually a lot.

​​Singles Academy helps higher educated singles to find a dream relationship through personal growth.

Karianne Dewitte

What is in it for you?

SINGLES ACADEMY teaches you indispensable knowledge and skills.

But there is a lot more you will get. You build your confidence. You boost your mindset. You are challenged. You grow. 

Along the way, you get unconditional support of your love life.

You will become a different person, a better version of yourself, while you can stay loyal to who you are. Authentic. 

1 on 1 VIP coaching is a 6-month journey of learning, training, falling and rising, focusing, being understood, feeling inspired and transforming, exclusively and intensively.

With the ultime goal of finding your soulmate.

SINGLES ACADEMY also offers a private training if you just want to clarify what kind of your relationship you need (D-FINE bootcamp). You can also enroll for an anonymous online training to learn how to recognize different types of dating (DATEDIAGRAM webinar).​​

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